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Pleasant little smooches or man-meat in my mouth?

This week we possess the amazing Bree Olsen with us lovin’ the California Sun. Babe wanted to meet with someone so we thought we take the challenge up and get her a date that was hot. Therefore we hooked her up with Christian Cole. He is a professional bagger at a neighborhood supermarket (what a loser!), so we toss him a bone, trigger he really doesn't seem like he'll have much luck on his own. We set them on the streets for a bit of fun, food wrestling match? Hi; If this chick ca nt be bagged by him I don't know what to say. Bree Olsen is fucking hot!!! Girl wants to fuck and, besides her impregnation fantasies that are strange, babe's amazing in the event you put your salami in her mouth to go along with peculiarly. If Christian has this in-the-bag, so lets see. CAN HE REPORT!?

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