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Has waited in just a sheer brassiere and panties all day for Marco Rivera to come home that he is here girl's intent on temptation. Ripping off to her knees before her man, he is helped by Maddy and then leans forwards without violating eye-contact to lick her way up the lengthy erection of Marco. Lodging in with her mouth for a long, thorough exploration of her boy's shaft, Maddy alternates inbetween licking and sucking at her boy's dick in an incredible gargle job. As Marco nears the end-of his endurance, Maddy stands up and slips out of her panties so that she can climb atop her man's erection and sliding him house into her tight wet shell. Girl rails him leisurely, leaning down to smooch him before guiding up his hand to cup her breasts that are sensitive. Climbing off of her stud, Maddy takes a second before babe mounts him switch sides cowgirl style, to relubricate her man's penis along with her mouth. After having a couple of thrusts, Maddy switches areas with Marco, placing on herself on her hands and knees with her caboose high up in the air as a supplication. Marco shoves himself into Maddy's luscious heat, but then pulls away and kneels down so that his woman can be eaten by him out from behind. As Maddy writhes and screams in pleasure from her boy's ministrations, Marco takes her doggy-style and again rises to his toes. The action is quick and furious as pounds out and in of Maddy's cunny. The passion inbetween this duo really ignites as Marco leans forwards while he throws to smooch passionately at Maddy's neck and again. Maddy reacts instantly, whinging and screaming in the temptation. When her climax is almost upon her, Maddy turns over to lie on her back so that slut is able to make eye contact with Marco while he pushes her over that last small cliff. Whore bellows, and she is rocked through by her finish and quakes as happiness beats her. As soon as Maddy ceases trembling from her delight, Marco pulls out so he may jizz all over his lover's slender abdomen and reaches the conclusion of his endurance. Sated, the lovers come together for one last smooch as they bask in the afterglow of the meeting.

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